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About us

ENERGETY is an entrepreneur in the field of business events and magazines

The company has set itself a proactive goal of conferences and magazines for decision makers while meeting the highest standards.

ENERGETY conferences appeal to targeted audiences and shed light on the burning topics in the economy market while identifying areas where information is required for decision makers due to regulatory changes or the competitive market environment.

We focus on the kibbutz and moshav sectors, but also initiate business events for companies and organizations

ENERGETY conferences are a meeting place for business executives and in order to create productive and high-quality business scene while ensuring high-level content creation for clients

Main areas conferences are: energy, construction, medical cannabis, water management, infrastructure, economic field.


As a complementary and add-on to the conference activity, publishes special magazines in the national press

(Yedioth subscribers through Yedioth Communications)


ENERGETY Is an active company since 2013

Our Vision:

Initiate and produce high-level business events in Israel

While maintaining innovation and relevance over the years


In the past years ENERGETY has been initiating and producing conferences for the kibbutz sector to more than 500 decision makers from all over the country.

Our annual conferences are a great opportunity to meet with the various regulators and the decision makers which creates a powerful and interesting dynamic that even initiate process in the business market.


At these events there are also exhibitions of leading companies in the various fields that interact with customers and also offer various products and projects.


ENERGETY ensures top-notch conferences and emphasize on high quality in each and every detail

Our Mission


ENERGETY carefully select hot topics in which to initiate magazines while thinking about attractive topics that are of added value to the Israeli market.

Our magazines are in collaboration with the national press (Yediot Aharonot and Haaretz) and are distributed to wide audiences

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